Peer Support & Group Meetings

Positive Catholics meet monthly in London varying the days and venues to enable as many people as possible to attend. Details are emailed to members regularly.

The South West London Fellowship group meets weekly on Mondays in Wimbledon.

Our Manchester group meets on the first Saturday of every month.

When we gather together we share food, prayer and conversation.

If you would like to attend any of our groups please send us an e-mail.

We encourage members to keep in touch with each other for on-going support and friendship.

Retreat weekend at Douai Abbey

The Retreat weekend at Douai Abbey is held annually on the first weekend in August, from Friday afternoon until after lunch on Sunday. Please read the information and complete the 2019 application form filling in each section CLEARLY. Closing date for applications is the end of the first week in July. Please note applications should be sent by post with the required deposit. Early booking is advised. When your form and deposit are received by post you will be notified by email or text. Places cannot be guaranteed but your place will be confirmed or your deposit returned by end of the second week of July. We look forward to another enjoyable and prayerful time.

Doing the admin for the Retreat weekend is quite a big job. So please read all the instructions and info carefully, and read what follows, before asking questions. If every person calls to ask about train times for example it gets very difficult and time consuming. If you have a question or a query please write it on the back of the application form and I will answer you as soon as possible.

Many people who want to come to Douai each year find the full costs difficult. we understand that and want anyone who wants to attend to be able to do so. However, in the past some people have asked for a full bursary and then failed to attend which deprives another person of a place. So each year we ask that you contribute what you can afford and that every person sends a non returnable deposit of £20 to secure a place. The form is a little complicated so please read the following carefully and if you find it difficult to understand ask a friend to help. I hope this is helpful:

If you can afford to pay for your own travel but cannot afford the full cost of the weekend In the box ‘I will contribute’  on the application form please write (£20 + what you can afford) – so if you can offer £50 for the weekend that figure would be £50 including your deposit. Send the £20 deposit in cash or cheque with your form and you will be expected to pay the balance of £30 on arrival. If you can afford £20 put £20 in the ‘I will contribute’ box.

If you need a full bursary and help to cover your travel costs please calculate what your travel will cost approximately and in the box ‘I will need help with transport’ put a figure. So if for example your train costs approx. £32 and you need help with the full cost of this put £20 in the ‘I will contribute’ box and £32 in the ‘I will need help with transport’ box. Next send the application form back with your non-refundable deposit of £20. On arrival your deposit will be returned with the balance of your travel costs. If for any reason you cannot attend your deposit will not be refundable. You must buy your own tickets for travel before the weekend.

Act now to avoid disappointment. we will all have another wonderful time together.

We host a number of retreats every year. During these weekends we take time out from our ordinary lives, to pray together, share stories and experiences, relax and reflect upon our lives as people living with HIV and seeking the presence of God in the midst of it all. We also manage to get in some quiet walks in the countryside and some jokes and conversation down the local pub.

We are supported by a Roman Catholic Priest who has been our ‘Chaplain’ since the beginning and has many years experience of ministry with people living with HIV. We are also accompanied by other priests, religious sisters and friends when they are able

If you are a person living with HIV outside the UK please visit our Prayers page.