The main ministry of Catholics for AIDS Prevention and Support (CAPS) is a peer support network of women and men living with HIV who also have a Christian faith. The network is called Positive Catholics.

CAPS is Registered with the UK Charity Commission – Registration Number 1095756

We welcome offers of support and invite you to contact us if you feel able to offer your talents or time. We also have very limited funds and are grateful for any donations.

If you would like to support the work of CAPS please contact us using the portal on the contacts page. You might also use our PayPal button to donate securely or send a cheque payable to Catholics for AIDS Prevention and Support or CAPS:

PO Box 24632
London, E9 6XF

We are grateful for the support given in kind and/or cash by the Benedictine Communities of St Gregory the Great at Downside and St Edmund at Douai;
The Society of Jesus; Wimbledon College; The Passionist Communities in the UK;
The Mary Strand Trust; The LGBT Catholics Westminster Pastoral Council and  congregation.


We are also grateful for the financial support of a number of individuals who wish to remain anonymous.

“It is the counsellors, the catechists, the nurses and doctors and social workers, the teachers, the preachers, the confessors who guide God’s people, inform them, assist and support them and, most importantly, help each form his/her own conscience. May the Lord reward you for your tireless labours and, in some cases, for the initiatives you have taken in responding to HIV and AIDS even without much official support. In the name of the Church we officially thank you.”
The Catholic Bishops of Kenya in ‘This We Teach and Do’ 2006.