The Q&A was a great success! If you missed it, you can view Jim & Hilda’s responses to our questions here:

COVID19: How do we know the vaccine can be trusted?

COVID19: What are the differences between the vaccines?

COVID19: Can the vaccine change my DNA to make me something else? What about long-term side effects?

COVID19: Do we know of any drug interaction with ARVs? Is the vaccine safe for People Living with HIV?

COVID19: is the vaccine safe for Black people?

COVID19: How long should I wait to have the vaccine if I have been hospitalised for COVID? Who should I ask?

COVID19: I am a failed Asylum Seeker. Do I have the right to be vaccinated?

COVID19: Does the vaccine affect fertility?

COVID19: What are the effects of the vaccine on pregnancy? And what about people who want to have IVF?

COVID19: What have religious leaders said about the vaccine? Is it halal/kosher?