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Space to enable people to be healed from the Stigma of HIV - Catholic Times September 2014
Vincent Manning, CAPS Chair

HIV, the poor and the Church in modern Britain
John Thornhill, CAPS Trustee

Julian of Norwich: Hiv and Pastoral Care
Vincent Manning, CAPS Chair

WAD Homily, London, Dec 2011
Fr. John Sherrington CP

WAD Homily, London, 2010
Fr. Kieran Fitzsimons OFM

The Joy of the Gospel and CAPS Ministry - Catholic Times Feb 2014
Vincent Manning, CAPS Chair

A GIFT WEAVED FROM THORNS - HIV as Gift and Challenge in the Church, A Pastoral Reflection Vincent Manning, CAPS Chair

Margaret Farley, Lecture
Sr Margaret Farley, CAPS Sponsored lecture, Westminster Cathedral Hall 2009


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