In addition to the Resources provided on this page, further liturgical, educational and theological resources are available from our Positive Faith website.
It is our hope that these resources will promote awareness, and be used in parishes, schools and colleges, or for personal study.

For display in you chuch, community centre, HIV clinic etc:

Prayers for World AIDS Day

Press Releases and articles

Reports & Consulatations

Child Poverty Strategy Consultation Response Response to HM Government Child Poverty Strategy 2014 -17 Consultation

Housing Justice Report Aug 2013 commissioned by CAPS, completed by Housing Justice.

Peer Support Consultation in conjunction with Metro 18 January 2013

In Relation to Positive Catholics and HIV:

For further reading and study:

General Reading

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Theology and Hiv and Aids

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Ethics, Moral Theology and Hiv and Aids

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Human Sexuality

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Liturgy / Worship

Bell, J., Flesh of Our Flesh: A Service for World AIDS Day.[online], London: Christian Aid.

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